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The St Helena Sites eBook series is here!

Demand for some information about the physical structures and landscape of St Helena Island, Moreton Bay has led to the creation of our new eBooks.
These are designed to fill the gap in self-guided tour information for people accessing St Helena Island, or just those that are fascinated with the island’s heritage and want to know more.

Designed to be easily downloadable and readable, these eBooks share images, facts and events connected with each of the major structures or natural landscapes on the island. Each page focuses on one site, detailing specific information about its construction and use during the long history of St Helena Island, including the prison era.

The first in the series – The St Helena Island sites – Southern Flats – covers 17 sites on the lower, southern end of the island. It includes sites around the Jetty, Indigenous midden, Sugar mill and paddocks, lime kiln and the cemetery sites. A map also highlights each specific location, so you can easily guide yourself around the lower portion of St Helena Island.

Purchase your copy today for only $4.

Simply deposit $4 into our online account with your name as the identifier and we will email your eBook directly to you.

Proceeds go to further the work of the St Helena Island Community, in continuing to gather original research and share this with the wider community. We hope you enjoy our latest information.

Belinda Daly 

on behalf of the team at The St Helena Island Community

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