A photographer in today’s St Helena Island Community

Amanda boat stillness
Punt in the still waters of Moreton Bay. Image by Amanda Thepanda.

It only took one day after the blog went live for an old friend, Amanda Thepanda to make contact. I’m going to be honest and say I did not realise Amanda had such a gift for photography, which is an embarrassing omission! But her gift is to be ours too, as Amanda has given permission for her photos to be included in this site.

I have only selected a few today, but over time you will see them attached to the many stories that will appear. I’m a lover of words and stories, but I know that a picture tells a thousand words too.

Amanda’s images are stunning, creative and beautiful. They show her unique perspective on the island.

Thank you Amanda for your contribution to St Helena. Enjoy!


Amanda Chief Warder's Kitchen and house
Chief Warder’s kitchen and residence, St Helena Island. Image by Amanda Thepanda.
Amanda Mudflats and stockade
Mudflats and a prison, St Helena Island. Image by Amanda Thepanda
Amanda Cormorants jetty posts
Cormorants on jetty posts, St Helena, Moreton Bay. Image by Amanda Thepanda
Amanda Blacksmith marble
A new perspective on the Blacksmith’s Shop. Image by Amanda Thepanda.

5 thoughts on “A photographer in today’s St Helena Island Community

    1. Hi Paul,
      Amanda is a friend of mine and she has given me permission to use some of her beautiful photos. None of Amanda’s had olive trees in them, but I have images – some of which I have included in my recent blog post focussing on the olive trees. Are you interested in getting some photos of the St Helena olive trees?

    2. HI Paul
      I did reply to your query earlier but haven’t heard back. I do have some photos of the olive trees on St Helena Island that I have taken if you would like a few? Beautiful old trees! Or is there anything else that you are interested in re: St Helena Island?

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