What do you need to know about St Helena Island?

The count down is on until we grace the volcanic red soils of St Helena Island! Next week, we’re bringing a posse of people there to gather new and exciting images and information, that will provide the fodder for months’ worth of blogs.

22 Laurie 18 Cattle Farm Buildings 67116
Ayrshire cattle eating fodder with Fodder Shed on the left. Sorry … I couldn’t help myself! Photo Laurie Collection.

Lauren and I are ready to take lots of photos to go with the stories we have planned. My cousin Paula Peeters, a very skilled artist who captures the beauty of nature with absolute skill and delicacy, is coming to draw some of the iconic vegetation and wildlife on the island. Even my 12 year old son Quinn is coming, and his mission is to make a video that captures, with humour and energy, his response to this beautiful place.

Tulipwood Paula
Sketch of the Tulipwood Harpullia Pendula, once growing widely on St Helena island. Artist Paula Peeters will be doing more sketches of significant species for us all to enjoy. 

Most importantly we have Mette Juel, Qld Parks and Wildlife Ranger for the Heritage Parks with us too. If you have met Mette, you’ll know straight away the vibrancy and passion that she puts into everything she does. I’m really wanting to ask her how a Danish woman found herself on St Helena Island and what it is about it that resonates with her. Daley Donnelly, Interpretation Ranger for Heritage Parks, will also be there to share stories about the many people he has been in contact with over the last year, who are exploring a wide variety of topics that connect with St Helena Island’s history in some way.

Daley Donnelly (in his acting role as a professor) and Belinda Daly working on a fabulous archaeology program we created on St Helena Island.

But we would love to hear from YOU! 

The St Helena Island Community is designed to be a space where people can explore history, find new information, trace ancestors, or share some new insights.

The best things we can do is answer your questions and share stories about the topics that matter to you.

Let us know what information you would like from us and we will spend time next week building material to do this. It could be about:

  • Original vegetation, animals, birds or marine life.
  • Stages of the growth and decline of the prison.
  • Information about the cemeteries and deaths on the island.
  • Existing artefacts and the stories they tell.
  • Sustainability then and now.
  • Individuals that came to the island, as prisoners, warders or after and specifics of their life.
  • Management by National Parks today.
  • Your ideas.

We’d love to hear from you and if you ask us a question, or give us a topic of focus, you’ll get an individual, detailed response sent through to you personally.

We’d love to hear from you!



Featured image of blacksmith shop by Amanda Thepanda.
Tulipwood illustration by Paula Peeters, https://www.paperbarkwriter.com


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